Chencho Dema

The Office of the Media Arbitrator (OMA) on December 26 warned Sonam Penjor, Bhutan Tendrel Party’s candidate for North Thimphu, for sharing a distorted picture of Tshering, the People’s Democratic Party’s candidate.

The altered photo of the PDP candidate showed a skull and crossed bones.

The OMA alleged that Sonam Penjor and an individual, Phub Zam, circulated the picture on WeChat and WhatsApp groups. Warning letters were sent to both of them after the incident.

The warning letter stated: “Pursuant to the reminder conveyed to you by our social media monitor regarding a manipulated image shared by you in a WeChat group named ‘Thinley Pha-11’ consisting of 82 members, the OMA would like to inform you that the image containing the skeleton head and crossbones shared by you in the group is inappropriate and may be construed as offensive/derogatory in nature, and as such, is in violation of the ECB Social Media Rules and Regulations.”

The OMA also noted that the same image is circulating on other social media pages and groups, sparking intense discussions among the citizens.

“Therefore, you are hereby informed to refrain from engaging in any such activities in the future, failure to which, you will be penalized as per the electoral laws,” the letter stated.

Corrigendum – The BTP candidate was warned for ‘sharing’ and not ‘posting’ a distorted picture of the PDP North-Thimphu candidate as mentioned in the earlier version of the story.