YK Poudel

Kuchinthang chiwog in Tendruk, a vital agricultural hub in the dzongkhag, boasts over 40 houses equipped with greenhouses. However, the chiwog faces challenges in post-harvest management due to the absence of cold storage and farm machinery.

Phalgu Raj Rai, a dedicated farmer from Kuchinthang, cultivates green vegetables throughout the year. Despite his efforts, he encounters difficulties in storing surplus produce during the off-season, impacting his income. Last year, he earned approximately Ngultrum 50,000.

The gewog administration distributed seeds worth Nu 300,000 in the past two years

Phalgu Raj Rai, along with other farmers, has requested the gewog for mini-tillers and a cold storage facility at a feasible location to address these challenges.

Yog Raj Limbu, another farmer, appreciates the FSAPP project’s support in providing greenhouse equipment, with 80 percent of the cost covered. He emphasizes the need for mini-tillers and cold storage in Tendruk to effectively support local communities.

During the pandemic, a farmer had to dispose of over 10 metric tonnes of chilies due to the lack of cold storage. Although the situation has improved, farmers stress the importance of agricultural support to meet the demand, especially with the upcoming Gyalsung Academy in Tashichhoeling.

Some farmers express dissatisfaction with the seeds provided, citing low yields and insufficient support from extension officials during heavy monsoon rainfall.

Despite these challenges, Tendruk Gup, Nima Drukpa, acknowledges the farmers’ demands and highlights the gewog’s progress in agricultural initiatives, including collaborations with FSAPP and increased investment.

Manpower shortage is a notable concern, with the gewog lacking a qualified technician to operate power tillers for land development.

However, Gup Drukpa reports successful land management on 29 acres. He mentions that proposals for cold storage have been submitted to the dzongkhag and FSAPP, especially considering the proximity of the Gyalsung Academy.

In response to farmers’ needs, gewog officials have distributed seeds worth Nu 300,000 over the last two years, exploring the feasibility of seed production.

Despite challenges, the gewog remains committed to strengthening agricultural support for its farmers.