A sample has been sent to Thimphu after scores of fish were found dead near the treatment plant

A sample of the wastewater collected from the sewerage treatment plant in Samdrupjongkhar is expected to reach the National Environment Commission in Thimphu today.

The sample was sent to confirm the cause behind the death of some 100 fish near the treatment plant last Sunday.

Samdrupjongkhar thromde has requested Sangsel Eco Trade and Environment Servicing agent to transport the water sample to test its toxicity or chemical content. This would confirm if the water that runs from the treatment plant to Dungsam Chu had resulted in the death.

The treatment plant is located near the meat shops below the vegetable market and is connected to the Dungsam Chu where the fish were found dead.

Thromde’s water division assistant engineer Mani Kumar said they have requested the agent since they are doing maintenance work at the plant. Also, they lack the equipment to test the water in Samdrupjongkhar.

He said, although, there were no deaths after Sunday, they have asked the agent to take the sample immediately to confirm the cause.

“We’re not sure if it was due to some chemical composition because we don’t use any chemicals to treat the water,” he said. “This is the first such incident that occurred after the treatment plant was installed last year.”

Residents from the neighboring border town took all the dead fish. Forest officials said they are yet to collect accurate details on the incident and is yet to confirm the species.