Thousands of devotees from across the country are attending the Three Roots’ empowerment and oral transmission of Longchen Nyingthik from Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche at Yoeselcholing Monastery in Gakiling gewog, Sarpang.

The three-day empowerment, which began yesterday, also includes the oral transmission of Nyingthig’s preliminary practice (Ngondro) and Dukngal Rangdrol (natural liberation from suffering). Dukngal Rangdrol is the Avalokiteśvara practice from the Longchen Nyingthik that is either classed as a peaceful yidam or secret-level guru practice from the peaceful male-vidyādhara section.

The empowerment is part of the revered Buddhist saint Longchen Rabjampa’s sacred teachings brought to Bhutan in the 14th century after he graced the sacred site of Tharpaling in Bumthang and imparted profound teachings and liberated 65 numerous devoted souls during his self-imposed exile from Tibet.

From an early age, Longchen Rabjampa (1308-1364) exhibited prodigious abilities and memorised the entire Kanjur (collection of scriptures characterised by Buddhist teachings) and Tenjur (the translated treatises – explaining and elaborating on the words of the Buddha). Guided by Rigdzin Kumaradza, the Buddha of his time, he attained enlightenment. Spending most of his time at Gangri Thodkar peak in Southern Lhasa, he authored numerous influential works, comprising over thirty volumes.

Following a prophecy by Khandro Dorje Phagmo, Longchenpa travelled to Bhutan at the age of 42. During his decade-long stay in the country, he continued his writings and established eight spiritual sanctuaries that stretched from the west to the east of Bhutan.  Longchen Rabjampa’s compositions exemplify the extraordinary qualities and insights of a visionary and fully enlightened being.

While he dictated his teachings, the Dharma protector Rahula transcribed them, Ekajati provided the necessary paper, and Damchen Dorje Legpa supplied the ink. They all pledged to safeguard every word and line of his literary works, support practitioners, and guide students of his teachings until their complete awakening. Regarding his past lives, Longchen Rabjampa was born as Princess Pema Sel to King Trisong Detsen, but her life was tragically cut short before reaching her teenage years.

During this brief existence, she encountered Guru Rinpoche and was entrusted as the future guardian of his special teachings. Reincarnating as Pema Ledrel Tsal, she dedicated herself exclusively to Guru Rinpoche’s teachings.  It was after this incarnation that the Princess was reborn as the Great Longchen Rabjam, developing a deep connection and affection for Bhutan. While residing primarily at Tharpaling among the eight “Lings,” he repeatedly expressed his love and concern for Bhutan, expressing his intention to guide the nation through his subsequent reincarnations until the end of time. Following his passing in Tibet, he returned to Bhutan in the form of Terton Pema Lingpa.

The blessings of Pema Lingpa and his predecessors, including Longchen Rabjam, have allowed Bhutan to navigate through the trials of time with peace and happiness.

According to the empowerment organising committee of Yoeselcholing monastery, the event is being organised for the peace and well-being of the country and the people and the propagation of Buddha Dharma. Yoeselcholing is the branch monastery of Lhodrak Kharchu Dratshang based in Bumthang.

Some devotees said that it is important to organise such initiatives at a time when the country is promoting the Gelephu Mindfulness City.


Contributed by

Rinzin Wangchuk