The theme of the nation is election. It matters to the Bhutanese because who we elect to the government is about Bhutan.

The government that bowed out this week after a five-year term has come in for a lot of stick. What this indicates is that the people expected more from the government that just ended its term.

Given the limits that any government can achieve in a five-year term, all went well. If we are to take stock of the things, we need only be proud of what we accomplished as a nation.

Roads have brought our communities closer. Telecommunication reach is commendable. Our farmers are more prosperous. Education system has been consolidated. Our trade with neighbouring countries are increasing. We are a happier and more confident nation than we ever were.

Because we are what we are – the Bhutanese – we never lose sense of our future.

But the future of our nation hinges on things lot more than routine elections and political promises, some of which can be utterly ridiculous.

We want not only road, but better roads. We want water, not just to drink but enough to irrigate our fields. We want more jobs for the young people who graduate from the schools, colleges and universities. Our farmers need market to sell their produce, and our balance of trade needs to improve.

People’s expectations will only increase; politicians so will have to keep the pace.

The people of this country will go to the polls with sure mind and they will elect the party that is reasonable and do not undermined the intelligence of the voters.

So, here are the real themes for the election because these are the issues facing the nation today:  Youth unemployment, Bad roads, Poor agricultural productivity, Poor balance of trade, and Bhutan’s standing in the international stage.