His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, and Their Royal Highnesses Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel and Gyalsey Ugyen Wangchuck celebrated Dassain with the people of the Hindu community at Lingkana Palace on October 5. 

His Majesty granted Dassain tika to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, senior officials from the Dratshang Lhentshog and government, and representatives from a cross-section of society, who were invited to Lingkana Palace. 

A 3-day Durga puja was held at the Lingkana Palace, and tika imbued with blessings was sent to all dzongkhags to be distributed to the people. 

Dassain tika is traditionally placed upon the forehead of family members by the head of the family, symbolizing the bonds that tie families together. 

Dassain is the most important festival for the Hindu population in Bhutan- a time to renew and strengthen familial and community bonds. 

Pandit Narayan Sigdel, who led the Durga Puja at Lingkana Palace, said that Dassain tika and blessings from Their Majesties this year held even greater significance, as the nation is emerging from the difficult years of the pandemic.

“Dassain tika carries the blessings of wisdom and protection. Our scriptures say that The King is Vishnu personified, who was born on earth as Rama to defeat evil, and reincarnates multiple times as Dharmaraja to ensure that good always prevails. We have witnessed His Majesty’s blessings and protection in the wise leadership and care which safeguarded the people of Bhutan during the pandemic,” he said.