Election: Former Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee began his second campaign from Changbandu-Olakha constituency, one of the constituencies that gave him the office in 2011.

Turn over at the campaign saw more than 100 voters, twice the score he hit from his own constituency, Babesa.

“I have good support from both Chang and Babesa constituencies,” said Kinlay Dorjee. “I won the last election with the support from these two constituencies and I believe they will support me this time too.”

Kinlay Dorjee spoke about his achievements as thrompon in the last five years and pointed out the persistent problems that the city face. He said that if he is elected to the office again, he will initiate the USD 5-million World Bank-funded project to solve the problem of water shortage in the city, particularly in Chang.

A central water scheme from Dodena will not only benefit Changbandu area, but also benefit residents of North Thimphu and the main town. “It will be an interconnected system that will facilitate 24-hour water supply.”

He said that the project, which was supposed to begin last year, could not happen because the water line that runs from Kabesa was passing through the paddy fields of the residents there.

“If I am re-elected, my first job will be to meet with the people and finalise the alignments, pay the necessary compensations, lay the pipelines, and to initiate the tendering processes,” he said. “The project will begin this year and should be completed in the next two years.”

He said that the major works that he pledged for the constituency in 2011 have all been completed, adding that his new focus would be to ease congestion in the city.

Kinaly Dorjee said that once the new expressway across the Wangchhu is completed, of the four lanes on the current expressway, one will be converted into Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) where only buses will be allowed to ply.

“BRT is to encourage more people to use public transportation services,” said Kinlay Dorjee. “With the growing number of cars in the city, this is the only sustainable way of transportation for Thimphu.”

Kinlay Dorjee told the voters that all his pledges can be fulfilled because of available resources. “I’ve achieved more than what I pledged in 2011.”

Younten Tshedup