Accident: Search is still on for a 14-year-old boy who was washed away by the Thimchu in Dechencholing yesterday morning.

The incident happened around 11:40am when the boy and his three friends were walking towards Kabisa after their examination. They are all students of Dechencholing Higher Secondary School.

The three boys told the school’s vice principal, Samdrup Wangdi that the football they were playing with fell into the river near Pangrizampa Bridge.

The boys followed the football as the river carried it downstream. When they reached near Dechencholing town, the boy went into the river to get the football when the water current washed him away.

The three friends got hold of his hand but they could not pull him out. They continued to follow him along the riverside and got hold of his hand for the second time but they lost the grip again. “His friends tried to rescue him but they could not,” the vice principal said.

After reaching the Royal Bhutan Army gate, the friends lost sight of him and then a case was reported to police around 12:40pm.

Officials from the police, army, dessups, teachers and the residents of Dechencholing helped in the search of the class VII student.

By Dechen Tshomo