Choki Wangmo 

Residents of upper Changbangdu in Thimphu were happy when thromde started constructing a road in the area in early 2017.

Residents claimed that thromde officials then told them the construction of about 1.3km road would complete in three months. 

Five years on, the road construction is still incomplete. Only the first cutting of the road is complete. It is bumpy and the gradients are steep. 

Residents said in the last five years, about three contractors changed to execute the work. 

They said the delay in the construction and blacktopping caused them inconvenience while dropping their school going children during monsoon. 

A resident, Dorji Wangdi, said thromde officials visited the site once or twice in five or six months. “We don’t know if the construction will continue or stop.”

With the road in bad condition, residents detour either from Kuenselphodrang or Druk school, which is 3kms long. 

Another resident, Tshering Zangmo, said that during monsoon, puddles form at the site, making it hard for commuting. 

According to Dorji Wangdi, if the road construction was complete, it would decongest Changzamtok bypass road. 

Some building constructions in the area are also stalled, as transportation of materials became expensive. 

Another resident said that without streetlights and proper roads in the area, youths come at night and create nuisance. “It is risky.”

She said that if the road was properly built, school going children will benefit the most. A vegetable market is also coming up in the area. 

The thromde engineer, Ngawang, who looked after the site in the past said he was responsible for initial road cutting and setting permanent works. 

He said information on the road progress is with the chief engineer. The chief engineer was not available for comments.