Chencho Dema

Paro police apprehended a Thai national yesterday following a tip-off suggesting their involvement in attempting to smuggle gold powder from Bangkok, Thailand into Bhutan.

Sources indicate that upon arrival in Bhutan, the suspect was met by an Indian individual.

The arrest occurred at a hotel in Paro Town. However, details regarding the quantity of gold powder and its intended destination remain unknown. The alleged suspect was traveling to Bhutan via Bhutan Airlines but managed to escape from the airport.

The suspect had concealed the gold powder in his pants, securing them with cello tape.

This incident marks the third case of gold smuggling reported at Paro Airport. Just days prior, two Indian nationals were intercepted by airport officials attempting to smuggle 2.5 kilograms of gold powder.

They had arrived from Bangkok on a morning flight and intended to travel via road to Phuentsholing and then to India. Similarly, an Indian man was apprehended by airport officials after being found carrying 140 grams of gold bars inside his jacket.

In the span of a week, three incidents of gold smuggling have been reported at Paro International Airport.

Such cases highlight the ongoing challenges authorities face in combating illicit activities and underscore the importance of vigilant monitoring and enforcement measures at entry points.