To fulfill 90 matches FIFA rule for national leagues

Thinley Namgay

The third round of the Bhutan Women’s National League 2023 will commence on December 20 at a centralised venue, Changlimithang stadium, Thimphu. 

Although  league tournament ended after completing the  second round, the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) added one more round this time in the women’s league. 

BFF officials said the additional round was added to  fulfill the mandate of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). 

FIFA requires the national-level league to play at least 90 matches. However, after the second round of the tournament, Bhutan Women’s National League, with six teams, could complete only 60 matches. Each team played 10 games in two rounds.   

In the final round, the remaining 30 matches have to be played. Each team has to play at least five matches.

The league, which began in August, has Ugyen Academy Women’s FC, RTC Women’s FC, Samtse Women’s FC, Thimphu Women’s FC, Gelephu Academy Girls, and Transport United Ladies FC competing. 

All teams will be featured in the final round. 

The second round concluded on November 30, with each team playing 10 matches. RTC Women’s FC topped the league with 22 points and a goal difference of 28. Of the 10 games, RTC won seven, drew one, and lost two. 

RTC’s coach, Jigme, is confident to keep his team on top. He said the team is prepared, and training has been on track.

RTC is followed by Gelephu Academy Girls with 18 points and Ugyen Academy Women’s FC with 15 points.