Crime: In a series of burglaries, three bikes, two Enfields from Phuentsholing town and one Pulsar from Pasakha went missing recently. The incidents occurred on July 31 and August 1.

All bike owners are employees of Pasakha industrial estate.

One of the bike owners, Sangay Nedup said his bike was there until midnight of July 31, when he had returned home.
“The next morning, the bike was not there,” he said. “I immediately informed the police and gave the details.”

Sangay Nedup said the bike was bought about two months ago.

The owner of the other Enfield bike, Gagan, who is also an employee with one of the establishments in Pasakha industrial state, said his bike was also stolen the same night. With the help of police, both the owners also watched the CCTV footage to confirm.
“We saw one Enfield bike,” Gagan said, adding that they were, however, not sure if it was his bike. “Two persons had taken the bike.”

The bike was driven away from the main gate around 6am, the CCTV footage showed. However, Sangay Nedup’s bike was not seen in the footage.

The Pasakha robbery was reported on July 31. A new Enfield costs around Nu 200,000, while a pulsar costs more than Nu 100,000.
Phuentsholing and Pasakha are both prone to such instances due to its proximity to border. Three boleros were also stolen from the core area in town last month, while another three were also reported missing.

Locals say there must be a Bhutanese involved in such robberies and that without an accomplice, it’s impossible for miscreants from across the border to steal the bikes.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing