Phub Dem

Paro police have detained three men for allegedly breaking into the house of police Officer Commanding (OC) in Haa and stealing a safe with valuable items.

The incident occured in the first week of March when the OC was out of station. Paro police arrest the suspects, aged between 29 and 35,  in the first week of April, recovering most of the stolen items.

According to sources, the safe contained jewellery, ornaments, dzee (cat’s eye), antique items, gold-plated komas (brooches), foreign currencies, and many others.

It was found that the suspects had thrown the safe in Pachu below Isuna bridge after collecting selected valuable items.

The police scuba team retrieved the safe containing the rest of the items, including gold rings, bangles, Zabchey Phob (precious burlwood cup) and gold-plated komas on April 23.

The suspects, two from Paro and another from Haa, are unemployed. Of the three, two were involved in the burglary case. The third person, who is the brother of one of the suspects, gave information about the possession.

The sold items were recovered from the buyer in Thimphu.

A buyer and another person who helped suspects sell the items will be charged for involvement in the case.