Sherub Lhamo

For nearly a decade, vendors have been conducting business opposite of the CFM Mart from their vehicles and in front parking lot of Kaja Throm. However, on December 26, the Thimphu Thromde took matters into their own hands, enforcing the rules and compelling the vendors to leave.

All their products were confiscated and dumped into municipal trucks.

Five days ago, the Thimphu Thromde issued a notification, clearly stating that vendors were not permitted to sell their products on footpaths or through their vehicles. Violators would face consequences as per Thromde rules.

Despite warnings from CFM securities against selling retail, the vendors did not comply.

Kani Dendup, the security in charge, mentioned that warnings were given that morning but were ignored by the vendors. “There are empty counters inside the CFM for the temporary use of village vendors, as they do not stay the whole week to sell.”

A whiteboard at the main entrance of Kaja Throm indicates which counters are available.

In an effort to assist the vendors, the thromde allocated a location at Babesa.

However, Bhim Bahadur Subba, a vendor, expressed dissatisfaction, noting the lack of customers and the dusty environment.

When asked about selling products at retail prices, a vendor explained that vendors inside CFM do not purchase all their products, leading them to sell through their vehicles.

Despite a group of around 10 vehicle vendors pleading their case to the Thromde yesterday, no resolution was achieved. They gathered in front of Kaja Throm parking lot, expressing their unwillingness to leave, as shared by Passang Dorji, a vendor outside CFM.

According to CFM vendors, the presence of vendors at the parking has negatively impacted the business of vendors inside, as they struggle to attract customers. Middlemen selling vegetables from the car park, sourced from wholesalers, further affect the businesses of vendors inside CFM.

Kani Dendup said that the vendors often create litter with spilled products, making the area messy and difficult for pedestrians.