To enhance academic performance, several schools in Thimphu are initiating extra class for students.

Students of Jigme Losel Primary School (JLPS) avail help from nine teachers for an hour after classes every day. The school initiated it for the students who have a score below 60 percent.

“Students who couldn’t get much attention from parents are given this opportunity”, said the principal of the Jigme Losel Primary School, Choki Dukpa. She added that it has been four years since the start of the extra classes and the academic performance of the students have improved.

Dawa Gyeltshen, a teacher at JLPS, said he assesses students’ improvement through class tests after every chapter. He added that the extra hour is not a burden to him, and if it helps the students, he is happy about it.

Besides the evening studies, the school has other activities such as waste collection, mid-day feeding, hand washing, cleaning toilet and archery programmes.

Many other schools under Thimphu Thromde have started to adopt similar initiative recently.

Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School has also started a similar initiative. The students of sixth grade are involved in the activity. Principal Kuenzang Thinley said that it was because these students are to appear the board exams.

A total of 137 students are monitored by three teachers every evening. The school also provides basic computer classes to 50 students who do not have access to laptops and desktops.

Parents also support the initiative. Dorji Khandu, a parent, said children are tired when they reach home and are unable to study. “With the evening studies, I think it will help my child do better in studies”.

In Zilnon Namgyelling Lower Secondary School, the initiative was taken by the thromde for the children of the armed forces to improve the academic performance of the students and to provide space for the children to learn.

Chief Thromde Education Officer, Sangay Drakpa said the evening study would engage the youth after classes.

Lungtenphu Middle Secondary School has similar plans to implement after the mid-term examination.

Motithang Higher Secondary School started the evening studies, but not many students turned up. A student of Changiji Middle Secondary School, Tandin Wangmo, said the teacher provides them with the extra classes when asked.

A similar initiative is also being conducted in Pelkhil Higher Secondary School in the morning.

Phurpa Lhamo and Rinchen Zangmo