If the results tie again, results will be decided by lot

LG: The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has called re-elections in 13 constituencies where the results of the local government elections held on September 27 were tied.

Re-elections will be held on October 21 for the posts of three mangmis, eight tshogpas and two thromde ngotshabs.

Re-elections for mangmi will be held between Kamal Dhoj Rai and Som Bahadur Rai in Dorona gewog of Dagana, and Dorji Gyeltshen and Tendri Gyeltshen in Khar gewog of Pema Gatshel. In Samrang gewog of Samdrupjongkhar, re-elections will be held between Kinga and Panjika Gurung.

The two thromdes where results for thromde ngotshab were tied are Dagana and Trongsa. Re-elections will be held between Karma Letho and Tshering in Trongsa and Jigme Dorji and Pasang Wangdin in Dagana.

According to the election Act, if the two highest votes secured by the candidates are equal then re-election will be held between the two. If the candidates tie again the results will be decided by draw of lots.

A notification from the ECB states that nomination papers and procedures of the last poll shall be taken as valid and the candidates need not file papers again. Only the tied candidates will contest.

A senior official from the dzongkhag concerned will be appointed as national observer to observe and report on the conduct of the re-elections. Returning officers (ROs) will draw up the list of valid postal ballot applicants and send the postal ballots.

Re-election for tshogpa in Atola chiwog of Thangrong gewog, Mongar, will also be conducted on same poll day as the re-elections in the demkhongs with tied results. In this chiwog, EVM could not be read on September 27.

The postal ballots will be considered valid and there is no need to repeat the postal ballot procedure as it was only the EVM that could not be read.

The ECB issued the notification calling the re-elections on October 5. Officials started sending postal ballots to the valid postal ballot applicants yesterday.

Election campaign also began yesterday and will end on October 19.

MB Subba