Tashi Phuntsho

Pemagatshel — The three constituencies in Pemagatshel received 9,038 postal ballots as of 6 pm yesterday, out of the 10,056 dispatched. 

The Returning Officer (RO) for the Nganglam constituency received a total of 2,541 postal ballots out of the 2,553 dispatched. Forty-nine ballots were not received, with 14 male and six female ballots rejected out of the total 20 rejected. 

From the dispatched total, 31 postal ballots were received from Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Twenty eight PBs were dispatched overseas, and six arrived yesterday. Nganglam constituency has seven polling stations across three gewogs.

Nanong-Shumar constituency RO dispatched 3,348 postal ballots and received 3,100, including 19 from PWD and five from overseas. The office rejected 44 postal ballots, all after envelope A after opening.

The constituency, which has 17 polling stations manned by 136 election officials, including two securities and two de-suups.

According to the RO, Dagor and Woongchilo under Nanong gewog are the furthest polling stations. The constituency has a total of 10,558 eligible registered voters, with 5,174 male and 5,384 female. 

Khar-Yurung constituency boasts the highest number of eligible registered voters in Pemagatshel, with 10,681 voters, including 5,179 males and 5,502 females. The RO office dispatched 4,155 postal ballots, of which 3,397 arrived. Of the total dispatched, 44 were sent to PWD, 38 have arrived, while two eligible voters have passed away.

The constituency has 20 polling stations manned by 160 election officials.  

The dzongkhag has 29,086 eligible registered voters including 15,002 females.