Determined to work towards reforming and framing effective policies in the country, 33-year-old Tshencho Wangdi registered as one of Punakha’s National Council (NC) candidate.

As an aspiring NC candidate, his aim is framing policies by understanding the community and their needs.

Tshencho Wangdi from Talo Gewog said that being part of the house of review would support his capability to frame effective policies and redirecting the agency’s focus towards socio-economic developments to benefit the community.

Tshencho Wangdi shares firm determination in reforming polices with equity, justice, fairness, and filling the loopholes for the benefit of the country. “I strongly believe in transforming the perspectives of people towards prosperous lives and a peaceful and friendly environment for a sustainable lifestyle.”

Holding a Bachelor’s in Political and Sociology from Royal Thimphu College and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Webster University in Bangkok, he claims that learning national and international politics would help him exercise his duties as a candidate efficiently. “My educational background is my backbone to contest in the upcoming NC members’ election.”

Although it was his decision to serve his country, he said that his family has supported him in preparing for the post. “It is my family who has provided me with my educational background and developing my characteristics for the post. They are still trying their best to fulfil my wish to serve the Tsawa-sum, through this platform.”

Tshencho Wangdi has worked as a general manager and managing director in travel agencies in the past. Recently, he has started his familiarsation tour in the gewogs.

“I believe that the future of Bhutanese are neither unseen nor unpredictable. Our future is what we intend and what we opt to do today. Nothing is impossible.”

Phurpa Lhamo