Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Nineteen de-suups have undergone a month-long training to operate excavators in Samdrupjongkhar.

They have also undergone three months mechanical training to repair it.

In the training that completed on May 11 at Lhawang Yugyel Technical Training Institute, a Bhutanese instructor taught trainees how to operate the excavators while an instructor from the Philippines gave the mechanical training.

De-suups above 25 years were given the license to operate machines and they would be sent for on-the-job training for three months in Gyalsung projects, private sectors and corporations.

Lyonchhen Lotay Tshering, during the closing ceremony, said de-suups are engaged in numerous programmes, which will not just engage them, but also generate livelihood and support for their family.

He said it is important for de-suups to enhance their skills with advanced technology. “Making oneself capable to secure the livelihood of your family is also a way to fulfil His Majesty’s wish and serve the nation.”

He said de-suups play a key role in societal transformation and economic progress.

Meanwhile, a trainee, Yeshi Penjor Doya, said he is happy to have completed the training. “I am planning to work as an excavator operator after the OJT.”

Another trainee, Sonam Tashi, said he had been jobless until he became a de-suup. “With the skills I acquired, I am confident I would get a job.”

He said he would become a mechanic.