Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Business is down in Trashigang, but hoteliers and shopkeepers in Trashigang town decided to contribute to the government’s effort against the Covid-19 pandemic. They donated Nu 405,680 to the Covid-19 Respond Fund.

A milk-processing unit in Pam donated Nu 230,000 and Dhendrup Spare Parts dealer donated Nu 50,000 to the fund.

The fund was routed through Trashigang dzongdag, Chekey Gyeltshen.

The proprietor of Dejung resort, Kuenga, said that it is the right time to serve the nation.

He said that it is crucial to keep the impact on business aside and come together to combat the diseases first. “Our businesses could run if only everything is well in the country.”

He explained that while His Majesty The King is leading at the frontline, giving priority to health and safety of the people and government is committed in their effort to save every citizen, it is must everyone contribute in their own way.

Another businessman in Trashigang, Tshering Wangchuk, said that they are not contributing money to gain fame. “It was our duty to help the government when the country is going through difficult times. We have to do more than this if we can.”

He said they decided to contribute, as the government is spending a lot of funds to quarantine people and provide health care.

A shopkeeper said few businessmen took the initiative to collect the donation to help the government and they agreed to support.

Another shopkeeper said they are also supporting the government by avoiding gathering, practising physical distance and washing hands.