Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Securing 24.83 percent of the total votes cast, Sonam Tobgyel from Phongmey Gewog is the National Council (NC) elected from Trashigang.

The former producer of Bhutan Broadcasting Service got 12,958 votes including 4,926 on EVM at the 71 polling stations across the dzongkhag.

Sonam Tobgyel said he didn’t expect to win but he travelled more than three months to all the gewogs, chiwogs and villages before anyone.

“I won this election because I had worked at Bhutan Broadcasting Service with full dedication,” said Sonam Tobgyel. “Now I will work harder to serve the people.”

Of the 52,177 registered voters in the dzongkhag, 26,190 voted, including 13,039 postal ballots.

Gongsar Karma Chopel from Radhi gewog secured 5,584 votes including 2,129 postal ballots.

Jakar Dorji from Kangpara Gewog got 4,923 votes including 2,284 postal ballots.

Galey Tenzin, from Samkhar Gewog obtained 987 including 441 postal ballots.

Sangay Tenzin of Thrimshing Gewog had 685 on the EVM machine and 1,053 through postal ballots.

Sonam Tobgyel won both from EVM machines and postal ballots.

Election officials said that there were no major issues reported in the dzongkhag.

“Few voters came without VPIC and their citizen identity cards had expired,” said the Returning Officer.

Of the 15 gewogs and throm, Shongphu, Kanglung, Udzorong, Khaling, Merak, Sakteng, Bartsham, Bidung, Yangner, and Lumang gewogs did not nominate candidates.