The two political parties would be anticipating a higher postal ballot support in the general elections in Trashigang.

Of the total 47,614 registered voters in the dzongkhag, the highest in the country, 19,298 would be voting using the postal ballot facility (conventional and facilitation booths). This is an increase of 31 voters from 19,267 during the primary round.

The remaining 28,316 voters would be voting using the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) across the 75 polling stations.

The dzongkhag saw a higher voter turnout (83.75 percent) from the electorates availing the postal ballot facility (conventional and facilitation booths) than those using EVM (54.45 percent) during the primary round.

Three of the five constituencies during the primary round saw the party that won ballot count also win on the EVM votes.

Of the 4,570 registered postal voters in Bartsham-Shongphu constituency, it has received 3,912 ballots of which seven were rejected for the lack of required details. The constituency had the highest accepted ballots (3,768) during the primary round.

Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency has received some 3,779 ballots from 4,391 registered voters. Of the total received, it rejected eight ballots. The constituency accepted 3,637 ballots during the primary round.

Radhi-Sakteng had received more than 3,000 ballots from as of 6:30pm yesterday. The constituency accepted 2,942 ballots in the primary round. No details on the rejected ballots were provided.

Thrimshing received 2,953 ballots of which six were rejected. The constituency has 3,340 registered postal ballot voters. The constituency accepted 2,859 during the primary round.

Wamrong received 3,067 ballots from 3,514 registered voters. The constituency rejected two ballots. It accepted 2,932 ballots during the primary round.

The ballot number has slightly increased in all the five constituencies compared to the primary rounds. Election officials said that they are expecting the voter turnout to increase, which was recorded at 66.31 percent during the primary round.

Meanwhile, returning officers (RO) with some of the constituencies said that they were still expecting some more ballots as of 7pm yesterday. It was learned that while the receiving ballots by the office was limited until 5pm yesterday, those RO expecting more ballots remained open late into the night.

Younten Tshedup  | Trashigang