Kurjey Tshechu: Coinciding with the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche yesterday, a number of Trongsa’s sacred relics were displayed at Kurjey Lhakhang in Bumthang during the annual Kurjey Tshechu.

Officials from the Choetse Rabdey said that some of these relics were not displayed for public viewing for about 400 years, while few of them were displayed during the annual Tshepagmed wang in Trongsa.

One of these relics was that of Tashi Gomang. Tashi Gomang is not displayed during the Tshepakmed wang.

The Tashi Gomang was displayed under the care of Lam Manip Thuba. Lam Manip is a title given to the person who takes care of Tashi Gomang. People received blessings from it and offered nyendhar.

Lam Manip Thuba from Simphu Goenpa said that Tashi Gomangs usually come in two different shapes – Zangdo Pelri Zhingkoe and Choeten. The one displayed at Kurjey yesterday was that of Zangdopelri Zhingkoe.

Lam Manip Thuba said that all the dzongs constructed by Zhabdrung have one Tashi Gomang each. “Tashi Gomangs were constructed to bring peace and prosperity in the region,” he said.

The Tashi Gomang displayed yesterday contains all the statues that are in the 25 lhakhangs of Trongsa Dzong. It is registered under the Mithrub Lhakhang’s thram as it is kept there. Mithrub Lhakhang is the oldest lhakhang of Trongsa Dzong.

Dratshang’s Tensum Zhibchoep Jampel said that Tashi Gomang can only be opened with special recitation of mani.

The display of relics will continue for two more days.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang