Neten Dorji | Kangpara

Tsharzo (bamboo craft), once the pride of the people of Passsaphu in Kangpara, Trashigang is slowly disappearing.

There is an extreme shortage of raw materials, which the people say, is due to Community Forest Management (CFM).

Locals say that tsarzo is the chief income source for the family.

“Tsarzo is very important for the people of Paasaphu,” said, Daw Jey, a farmer.

Sangay Wangchuk is busy weaving Bangchung in front of his traditional house. He supports his family by selling Bangchung and other products.

He said lack of Ringshoo (calamus latifolius), the chief raw materials for making bamboo products, was the main reason why the tradition is disappearing.

Sangay Wangdi, a villager, said that shortage of raw materials was becoming more acute by the year.

Villagers said getting  raw materials has become difficult with introduction CFM in Ringsho growing area of Gomdar and Rimung.

“Once the CFM was formed, the rights and the ownership of the naturals resources were handed over to the respective communities,” said a villager. “Even if CFM issues the permit for raw materials, it has become unaffordable for many people.”

“No one has taken up tsharzo as fulltime job although it is the chief source of cash income here,” said Tenzin. Another challenge is the lack of market. “People have now begun looking for employment in construction projects.”

Passaphu-Peydoong Chiwog tshogpa, Wangda, said that with the help of the Royal Society for Protection of Nature, people planted Ringshoo and other bamboo spices to ease the shortage of raw materials.