The Election Commission of Bhutan has recognised Tsirang as the best performing dzongkhag in the conduct of the National Assembly parliamentary elections 2018. Mongar is the second best performing dzongkhag.

Dzongkhags were assessed based on 11 different areas of electoral activities, which were shared with the 20 dzongkhags. The areas of assessment include population size of registered voters, dzongkhag size based on number of gewogs, use of technology and percentage of improvement in voter turnout.

The commission also considered conduct of election through efficient and effective manner, overall voter turnout, and submission of reports in assessing the performance.

Submission of accounts including management, timely disbursements, timely settlement and cost saving, voter turnout in the postal ballot facilitation booths, unique experience sharing and innovative, creative and inspiration efforts were among the 11 areas of electoral activities used to assess the dzongkhags.

Tsirang electoral officer Kibu Zangpo said their sincere and honest efforts and hard work through innovative and inspirational efforts would always be recognised.

“Such historic recognition could be possible with the firm and clear direction always received from the commission,” he said. He added that the achievement was possible because of support from the chief and deputy chief election coordinators, returning officers, observers, sector heads, accounts officials, presiding and polling officials, and local leaders.

According to the recognition letter issued to the dzongkhags, the election commission conducted the performance assessment through Tshornang Ngoelaen, which was standardised after the completion of the National Council election.

“Every dzongkhag has performed well beyond the expectation and shares its appreciation to all the election officials for their tremendous hard work and cooperation during the parliamentary elections,” the letter states.

The election team and focal core group of Tsirang and Mongar will be rewarded with a study trip along with chief election coordinator and a security representative from RBP and RBA each to Thailand.

Nirmala Pokhrel  | Tsirang