Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

The Tsirang Dzongkhag Covid-19 Taskforce has imposed a 72-hour lockdown in the dzongkhag after a driver and his daughter tested positive for the virus at a flu clinic yesterday. 

The community transmission is the first Covid-19 case reported in the dzongkhag. 

Although the duo doesn’t have a travel history in other dzongkhags, netizens are questioning how the virus spread in the community. Assistant Dzongkhag Health Officer Neten said that the task force was carrying out contact tracing of the positive cases, which could also confirm the source of transmission. 

The dzongkhag administration has requested on its social media page that the general public cooperate and render support until the mass screening is completed. 

In its public notification, the administration announced the closure of shops, offices, and schools until further notice. 

The local government leaders, who gathered yesterday for the election of the dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson and deputy chairperson, were asked to home quarantine. “The public is not allowed to interact with LG leaders. Close contacts of the newly elected members are asked to come forward for testing.”