Accident:Two women, aged 26 and 50, were killed after the truck they were travelling in fell 70 metres off the road at Lawakha at around 4:30pm on May 30.

According to police, there were five people in the truck including the driver when the accident happened.

The driver and a two-year old girl who were injured have been admitted to the Bajo regional hospital.The two-year girl was the daughter of the 26-year old women who died.

A female passenger escaped the accident unscathed.

A police investigation found that the accident happened due to negligence. Police found that all the occupants, except the two-year old girl, had consumed alcohol. The truck was not carrying any load and the road from which the truck fell off was not narrow.

As per the police report, the accident happened when the 26-year old deceased insisted on driving the truck which the driver refused.

They were travelling from Rurichu to Charkilo when the accident happened.

By Dawa Gyelmo, Wangdue