Forest fire: Two forest fires that are blazing since March 15 at two locations, Jarigang and Baychutop in Kamichu, Wangdue has razed hundreds of acres of forest and is still not under control.

A forest official at Kamichu, Namgay said the forest fire at Jarigang started at 9pm while the other fire at Baychutop broke out around 7:20pm on the same night.

Strong winds, rocky terrain and absence of water sources are making it challenging for the fire fighters to contain the fire.

Fire fighters said they are facing difficulty in containing the fire due to strong winds and a rocky terrain. It is also difficult to find water on the hills. Forestry officials, army personnel, police, PHPA fire fighters, volunteers and local people of Athang and Jarigang have been trying to contain the fire.

While the cause of fire at Baychutop is still not confirmed, the Jarigang forest fire, according to a villager started from an electricity pole above the gewog centre of Athang.

According to Athang gup Khandu Dorji, a villager, Aum Phuchu from Jarigang, Dolamche spotted the fire first.

Gewog officials said they are yet to confirm if the electricity pole belonged to PHPA or the Bhutan Power Corporation.

By Dawa Gyelmo