The driver of the Bolero that hit the motorcycle though has been apprehended

Accident: Two non-Bhutanese men succumbed to injuries after a Bolero hit the motorcycle they were riding on in Nganglam on March 16.

The incident occurred around 11am near Zala Shing Zor, which is about five kilometres from Nganglam town before reaching the check post.

The men were brothers and one of them was a sub-contractor based in Nganglam.  His brother, who was riding the bike at the time of the incident, was a teacher in Rangapani.  According to police, the teacher died the same day he was referred to Partshala hospital, while his brother died at 2am yesterday at the Guwahatti hospital in Assam.

Patshala hospital is about 50km from Nganglam.

The men were returning home from Nganglam when the Bolero hit their motorcycle.  According to medical reports, police said the impact had caused fractures in their right legs, deep wounds and excessive bleeding.

Police have detained the 31-year old suspect, a contractor from Norbugang gewog.  The driver had tried to flee from the scene, but he was caught after an eyewitness, a non-Bhutanese, informed the police check post and noted the vehicle’s number.

Police said the families were also informed about the accident. “After reaching the spot, we tried to evacuate them to the basic health unit, but the families wanted to take them to Patshala hospital,” police said.

The suspect told police that the brake failed suddenly and he hit the motorcycle.  He confessed to fleeing the scene, and also told police that he knew the late sub-contractor personally.

Although investigation is still on, police said, they have for now registered the case as a motor vehicle accident.

“But we’ve not yet ruled out murder,” police said, adding that the family members were paid Nu 500,000 through BIFA members, after the money was arranged by the suspect’s father.

The police said the situation was normal between the two borders.

Meanwhile, sources said, the late sub-contractor had earlier worked with the suspect, but the men later had monetary issues and had to go to court.  The court ordered the suspect to pay the deceased.

By Yangchen C Rinzin, Samdrupjongkhar