Two men caught stealing flower saplings

Crime: Thimphu police caught a 56-year-old man and his ​cook, 29, stealing flowers from Doeboom Lam around 2:50am yesterday. Police said that the man who owns a hotel in Paro had come to Thimphu to buy pastries for a catering service yesterday.

“We had our men patrolling along the Swimming pool road as flower plantation along the road divider is underway,” a police official said.

The case is under investigation and the men will be charged for larceny.

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  1. chopel
    chopel says:

    Bhutanese definition of civic sense – “As long as my house, my room, my car and everything I own is clean, tidy and beautiful, it doesn’t really matters if in the process of achieving those, If i deprive the opportunity of others. As for public property, IT IS PUBLIC’S, WHY SHOULD I CARE, WHY NOT HELP MASELF WITH THOSE PROPERTIES”

    We need to change our “THINKING”

  2. amrithdiary
    amrithdiary says:

    This is a big shame. How can we expect our youth to behave well when our elderly people themselves indulge in such shameful crimes? These people don’t realize how much the government has been struggling to manage funds to get such costly flowers to decorate the highways in the capital city ahead of the historic celebration of the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. I am just wondering when will our people begin to get civilized. It’s a very sad thing for a small society like ours. The human greed can never be quenched no matter what you do…Kudos to the police officials who caught the thieves at such an odd hour. They are a real disgrace to the so-called GNH country!

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