YK Poudel

A 41-year-old customer and the operator of Norbu Cable were electrocuted in Pangna, Drukjeygang, yesterday.

The incident occurred when the 53-year-old cable operator and the customer were trying to connect TV cable to the house of the customer from the electricity power line.

According to Drukjeygang Gup Singye Dorji, villagers who saw the deceased, reported the incident to the gewog. The customer after his divorce used to stay with his parents. “After the investigation carried out by officials from BPC and police, the bodies have been handed to the family members.”

Captain Pema Wangdi of Dagana Police said that the case is an accident involving the deceased. “No foul-play can be stated yet. The case will be further investigated to see the cause of the electrocution.” However, while trying to connect the TV cable line from the electricity pole, they could have hit the main live electricity line.

The deceased operator and the customer were found 25 metres apart.

As per a source from Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC), the electricity line is 33-KiloVolts . “Mostly, TV cable are connected through the electric poles using fibre cables. There were no such incidents to date,” according to the official.

BPC manager from the dzongkhag refused to comment.

The investigation team is yet to ascertain cause of the incident.