The education ministry will open two more central schools in Trashiyangtse in the 12th Plan, taking the total number of central schools in the dzongkhag to five.

The dzongkhag education sector as per the technical guidelines of the ministry proposed that the two central schools be constructed at Bumdeling and Ramjar gewogs.

Local leaders of Yallang gewog however, resisted the proposal during the fourth Trashiyangtse dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) on March 5, stating that one of the central schools have to be constructed in their gewog.

Yallang mangmi, Tshering Tobgay, said that since the education sector was still in the process of exploring a location for the new central schools, it was a surprise when Ramjar gup presented to the DT that one of the new central schools was to be established in Ramjar.

“Our understanding was that the location for the two central schools was still being reviewed. We were never informed that the locations were finalised,” the mangmi said.

Ramjar gup Tenzin Wangda, submitted that the existing BHU be relocated before the construction works for the new central school begin.

Chief dzongkhag education officer, Kinzang Dendup, said that following a feasibility study, two potential locations each at Bumdeling and Ramjar gewogs were identified by the sector. However, the decision was not final, he added.

Kinzang Dendup said that the existing Bumdeling lower secondary school and Ramjar MSS already had infrastructure in place and would require minimum construction to up-gradate it into a central school.

But Thragom LSS at Yallang gewog did not fulfill the technical guidelines for up-gradation into a central school and had low enrollment rate compared to other schools, said Kinzang Dendup.

However, Yallang gup, Chosung Wangdi, who is also the current DT chairperson, said that every official who visited the gewog found that Thragom LSS had the potential to become a central school.

“It was disheartening to hear that Thragom LSS would not be upgraded to a central school,” said the gup. “Our expectation was to come up with a central school in the gewog that would in turn address the issues of increasing gungtong in the villages.”

Chosung Wangdi said that today there are about 90 gungtongs in the gewog, one of the highest in the dzongkhag. “A central school in the gewog would have given the villagers to a reason to remain in the gewog,” he said. “Even if we cannot have a central school, it would help the gewog if the dzongkhag administration and the education sector could consider providing facilities and provisions of a central school at Thragom LSS.”

“My opinion on the central school comes from my position as the gewog’s gup and not as the chairperson of the DT,” he added.

Kinzang Dendup said that even if Thragom LSS could not be upgraded into a central school, considering the remoteness of the school, the dzongkhag administration would explore measures to provide special provision at the school.

He said that the dzongkhag already had four schools – Dukti and Melongkhar primary schools in Yallang gewog, Jangphutse PS in Toedtsho gewog and Tarphel PS in Bumdeling gewog – identified as special schools that would receive special provision given the remoteness of the schools.

The DT endorsed Bumdeling LSS and Ramjar MSS as the location for the two new central schools in the 12th Plan.

Younten Tshedup | Yallang