Chhimi Dema

To find meaningful and realistic direction in life, Bhutan Institute of Wellbeing in Chimithangkha, Thimphu yesterday began a 14-day course, GHN Journeys-Walking the Path.

Bhutan Youth Development Fund (YDF), and UNDP project attempts to address the needs of young people through rehabilitation, reintegration, re-skilling and networking.

UNDP’s resident representative Azusa Kubota said that many rounds of discussions among multiple partners were held to ensure that the programme addresses the needs of our young people holistically.

“This means that we not only provide support to address immediate needs but also prepare and respond to a wider goal of youth development and aspirations by young people,” she said.

YDF executive director, Dorji Ohm said: “This course provides a sturdy ground for the individuals to find their purpose and rethink about their lives with values.”

Participants will attend sessions on topics such as understanding oneself through self-exploration, harmony between mind and body, understanding family and, holistic development and the role of education.

“If you don’t understand yourself, how can you position yourself when you are working with so many things,” Dorji Ohm said.

“Understanding yourself and finding the balance within would enable you to position yourself in any environment and yet be in relationship with the rest of nature and people,” she said.

The participants, to initiate a process of self-exploration and self-investigation to understand themselves as human beings and live in harmony, would be offered meditation and contemplative practices.

Hikes, yoga, games and sports are also part of the course.

The course encompasses group discussions and inspiration talk series by guest speakers.

After completion of the course, the participants undergo a weeklong entrepreneurship training.

Loden Foundation’s executive director Phuntsho Namgay said that after the training, participants could submit their business proposal to the Loden Foundation.

“Loden Foundation would support business proposals that are eligible, innovative, and practical. More importantly, ideas responding to the Covid-19 challenges would be supported,” he said.

The UNDP and Loden funding window would provide part grant and part interest and collateral-free loans, he added.

Three batches of 30 individuals will be trained till March next year. The first batch of participants included overseas returnees, and frontline workers, among others.