Crime: A 39-year-old man was detained on Saturday for sexually assaulting a 2-year-old female child at Babesa.

According to health officials, the parents of the victim brought the child to the emergency room at the national referral hospital suspecting a case of sexual assault around 5pm on the same day.

Senior forensic health assistant with the hospital, Kuenzang Norbu, said that multiple lacerations around the anal region of the victim were found during investigation. Bloodstains in the diaper and adult pubic hairs were also discovered from the victim.

Kuenzang Norbu said that on investigation, samples of bloodstains were also discovered on the pants of the suspect. He said that the suspect was also found under the influence of alcohol.

Physical evidences suggest that the man had sexually assaulted the child. “We have enough evidences to prove that the victim has been sexually assaulted,” said Kuenzang Norbu. “However, as of now we cannot guarantee that the crime was committed by the man because of the lack of equipment for DNA testing in the hospital.”

According to sources, the suspect took the child from the father saying that they were going out for a walk. The suspect is believed to have involved in several similar cases before also. The suspect was a neighbour of the family.

Sources said that the suspect was on the verge of fleeing when he heard that the case was reported to police. However, police were able to reach on time and arrested the man.

The child is in a stable condition and has been discharged.

Younten Tshedup