Lhakpa Quendren

Gelephu—Following the recommendation of the Medical and Health Professionals Council’s (MHPC) committee, Ugyen Wangchuk temporarily stopped attending the Indo-Bhutan Neurotherapy Centre at Dadgari, India.

Until his documentation is authenticated and he registers with the council, Ugyen Wangchuk will not be considered a health professional. Healthcare professionals are required to hold a license to practice their profession.

The official said that the Council would confirm his registration after verifying documents and determining the category of his profession. He added that there is no neurotherapy center in the country, but the services offered are similar to those of massage and spa.

“Through mutual agreement, Ugyen Wangchuk has agreed to discontinue his practice until his documents are verified,” an official said. “It would take some time, as we must determine if he was enrolled at the university.”

However, the clinic center located across the border will continue its operations as it is registered under an Indian individual. Ugyen Wangchuk claimed to be an employee, along with another Indian man, at the clinic center purportedly owned by an individual based in New Delhi.

While Ugyen Wangchuk claims to have completed a yearlong diploma in neurotherapy at the Neeraj Neurotherapy Institute of India in 2023, he has not yet produced his original mark sheet and certificate as evidence.

“I have already received information regarding the processing of the original documents. It takes time as they have to be routed through the government,” Ugyen Wangchuk explained, adding that he completed the course last December and began practicing in January.

He said a copy of the certificate was submitted to the MHPC as requested. “The council expressed their concerns about the safety of the patients, as well as my responsibility and accountability. As a concerned citizen, I should respect the laws of our country.”

“I have also conveyed to the committee that I should not be held accountable for any health complications or complaints that arise after I cease attending the center,” he added.

Former Gelephu Gup, Ugyen Wangchuk, was alleged to have participated in medical treatments at the Indo-Bhutan Neurotherapy Centre, despite not being registered with the council himself. The center is located in Dadgari, India, but he promoted the services using the national language Dzongkha, which led the authority to alert the public to refrain from seeking services from unauthorised individuals.

The current health policy does not allow private investment in healthcare services, despite several past policies and recommendations advocating for private investment in healthcare without limitations on medical care, diagnosis, and prescription of drugs.

Currently, only private diagnostic centers are allowed to provide diagnostic services such as endoscopy, blood tests, and X-rays.