Lhakpa Quendren

Sarpang— Given the planned Gelephu Special Administration Region (GeSAR), the implementation of proposed development activities for Sarpang during the upcoming 13th Plan remains uncertain.

The dzongkhag administration has proposed Nu 7.79 billion for dzongkhag development activities and Nu 4.23 billion for the gewogs in 13th Plan.

Currently, in Sarpang, construction activities, issuance of new trade licences, and land transactions remain suspended.

At the Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) meeting Monday, deputy chief planning officer, Tshering Dendup, said that there was a lack of clear instruction regarding the plans and implementation of activities.

“We have proposed projects under the cluster and plans in line with the draft plan,” he said. “For now, we cannot provide definitive information as we are currently in the yellow zone in terms of plans and activities.”

He added that there is a need for considering development activities that benefit not only the present but also the forthcoming major development activities, such as constructing protective walls along the rivers.

The gewog administrations will present their planned activities to the Gelephu Mindfulness City’s Committee, according to the local leaders.

“I believe our proposed activities need to align with the national activities planned for Gelephu. Our plans will ultimately be covered once the major development activities start,” a local leader said.

For the upcoming fiscal year, the DT endorsed Nu 1.2 billion for activities under the dzongkhag administration, allocating Nu 524.4 million for capital expenditure, and Nu 679 million for current expenditure.

It endorsed Nu 715 million for activities that the gewog administration will carry out, with Nu 648 million allocated for the capital budget and Nu 67 million for current expenditures.

Should it proceed as planned, the dzongkhag administration has about 30 activities, including infrastructure development such as construction of 15 bridges, eight integrated water projects, and the development of a golf course along Mauchhu.

Other development activities include Nu 85 million for blacktopping the road between Chhokhorling and Phulari, and irrigation canal in Umling with an estimated budget of Nu 60 million.

The construction of community lhakhang at Chhudzom, trail development to Retey Guru Ney, installation of streetlights at Sheychamthang town, and infrastructure development within the Dzong campus are among the plans.

Dzongkhag administration’s senior finance officer, Tenzin Phuntsho, said that agriculture and livestock activities would continue to receive priority considering the importance of the Gelephu Mindfulness City. “This is to enable the supply of sufficient agriculture and livestock products with the development of dairy and layer farms.”