Samten Wangchuk | Intern

The underpass at the swimming pool junction in Thimphu remains unused. It is muddy, dark, and risky.

Leaking from the drain has led to the formation of muddy pools. The planks covering the pavement of the underpass have fallen apart. Electric wires hang from the ceiling without light bulbs. It is a junkyard where all manner of waste can be found.

The underpass remains deserted

A thromde engineer said that the thromde was aware of the condition of the underpass. There were some issues with drainage, he said, which is why there is seepage. “Once rectification is finished, the cause of the seepage will be resolved and we hope it will not affect the underpass in the future.”

Ganga Maya, 31, who runs the Nazhone Food Processing shop at the top of the underpass crossing, said: “When there is a blockage in the underpass, people use the road to cross, and without a zebra crossing, there is a chance of accidents.”

She said the thromde could come up with an overpass like the one at Olakha. “A zebra crossing is also needed.”

Zepa Lhamo, 30, said it would be convenient for people if the underpass were to undergo regular maintenance. “I used to use the underpass because crossing the road is difficult, especially during rush hours.”

She said when there is a blockage during the summer, the stench is unbearable, and without lights, it is risky to use  it at night.

Edited by Jigme Wangchuk