Neten Dorji

Trashiyangtse– Due to heavy rainfall, shortage of water in the new Doksum Town has now become a daily routine for the residents. 

Most areas in Doksum Town experience fluctuating degrees of water shortage. While some homes receive regular water supply, some are left without water for about months. 

The residents and house owners requested the dzongkhag administration to maintain the connection but, despite several requests, nothing concrete has been achieved till date. 

Kelzang Cheki, a resident, said that they are left without water supply for a month. 

Although there was a shortage, the situation in the old town was comparatively better, she said, adding that there was a water supply near the old town, from where they could fetch and use. 

She said the dzongkhag has developed the town, but water shortage is affecting the daily lives of residents. “We are looking for alternative sources of water.”

A businessman said, the area did not have any water supply in the past when the town development works started. However, the water supply improved when dzongkhag water supply reached the area two years ago. But the problem has resurfaced.

Tenzin Dema, a shopkeeper, said that since she moved to the new town, she has been facing constant water problems. “I still have my dishes and cloths piled up.”

She said there has been no water for the last three weeks. 

“Most of the time we have to fetch water from our neighbours, but we cannot always collect water from their taps. At times, they object,” she said. 

Tenzin Dema said that they had been fetching the drinking water from Gomphu Kora and she had to manage water for cleaning from somewhere else.

Chenpo, 72, said, they have requested dzongkhag officials to visit their place to study the cause of the shortage. “We even made calls to dzongkhag officials but they are not responding,” he said. “Because of the water shortage, I had to halt my construction work.” 

A resident, 40, claimed that despite repeated requests, dzongkhag does not respond to their problems. 

“The dzongkhag cannot ignore our needs as they promised better amenities in the new town earlier,” he said. 

Trashiyangtse dzongkhag officials said that the recent water shortage was due to the damage caused by heavy rain at the source. 

“Due to the distance of the water source, it requires adequate time and manpower to restore the water supply,” an official said. 

After the construction of the retention wall and the repair of the water channel, the town is expected to have swift access to water. 

He said that the long overdue water connectivity will be solved with the laying of pipe from the source which is tendered out. 

“The present water treatment facility in Zangpazor is operational and in use, but the source-generated brownish water cannot be treated by the plant,” he said. “During the necessary purification procedure, it is made sure the water is safe to drink.”

Meanwhile, owing to budget shortage, the dzongkhag was unable to include walkways and street lights in the fiscal year 2023–2024. “All activities are proposed on a priority basis in the next Plan.”