As the recent disaster continues in our peaceful country bringing along with it devastation and fear, on the positive side, it has also reminded us that we are truly blessed.

Yet again, the Bhutanese mettle and selflessness of our forefathers that runs in our genes has been and continues to be demonstrated by our Armed Forces, Desuups, public servants and local volunteers, under the leadership of His Majesty The King.

It is much appreciated that the relief efforts were handled successfully with calm during and after the flooding in Sarpang bazar, and the other regions of the country despite the danger to the lives of those involved on the ground. This was mainly due to the presence of His Majesty The King in the affected areas since day one in Sarpang; monitoring, coordinating and guiding the relief efforts.

Social media is flooded with appreciation for the round-the-clock service rendered on the ground by The Druk Gyalpo, Lyonchoen, ministers, Armed Force personnel, Desuups, volunteers, local residents and public servants including the dzongdags. All we can say is a big Thank You!

His Majesty The King’s Desuung initiative is also beginning to show its impact as evident  through their presence now at every event, good or bad. In most of the pictures uploaded online on the current devastation, we always find someone in an orange uniform.

The project DANTAK led by their chief engineer also deserves a special mention for assisting us at this critical juncture.

However, there are also stories of opportunists taking advantage of the situations in making a little extra income which is not in keeping with our core values and tradition as Bhutanese citizens. At such times, people need help not extortion. We hear the relevant authorities are keeping track of such practices and meted with appropriate actions.

Therefore, as the example set from the Golden Throne, we must learn to follow the Royal Footsteps of how to, without exceptions or conditions, respond to the need of the hour of the fellow Bhutanese. With such dedications, commitments and love, we will overcome all odds and difficulties as a nation.

The weather is getting better by the day, roads are being cleared and bridges are being rebuilt. The sun is emerging on a united Drukyul.