The people of Minjey in Luentse asked the Prime Minister if Minjey Middle Secondary School (MMSS) could be made a central school.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, however, said the government would not be able to covert MMSS to a central school since it had not fulfilled the criteria of required number of students.

Former Gup, Kuenzand Tobgay, said MMSS could be made a central school since the school already has enough infrastructures to accommodate more students.

However, retired Gup Jigme Tshewang said that central schools absorbed children of servants, taking away the seats for children from poorer families. “It doesn’t benefit the needy students in fact.”

He added that before enrolling students in central schools, gups and principals should list the names of the students from poorer families and give them the first priority.

Lyonchhen said the government simply could not turn a school to a central school with only four hundred students. Giving equal priority to the children of civil servants is also important to encourage the civil servants to serve in the rural areas of the country, he added.

“When we talk about students coming from humble background, how are we supposed to differentiate them?” asked the prime minister. “Every one of you would consider yourselves from low-income family. So who is going to differentiate whether the student is coming from rich background?”

While visiting Maedtsho Gewog, prime minister updated the people on Singkhar-Gorgan road. He said that the government had to follow the laws of the country and was awaiting environmental clearance.

He urged thepeople to avail of REDCL’s loan services to pursue their goals of agricultural development.

“Enhancing livelihood is the prerogative of the government and we will do our best. But you must become responsible and look after your community,” said prime minister.

Tashi Phuntsho | Menjey