… BTP President cautions voters against bad influence 

Dechen Dolkar 

The voters of the Bji-Katso-Uesu constituency of Haa, are likely to go for the candidates, based on their capabilities irrespective of the party they belong to.

During the campaign of Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) President Pema Chewang at Bji-Kartshog-Uesu constituency yesterday, the voters said that they will choose capable candidates rather than choosing the party. 

The BTP president met with people of Bji, Katsho and Uesu gewogs in upper Haa. 

Tshering Dorji, 48, will contest as BTP candidate and Lhendup Wangdi, 35, will contest as People’s Democratic Party candidate from the Bji-Katsho-Uesu constituency for the general elections.

Voters said they want a candidate who can address the concerns of the constituents and spearhead developmental activities in the Parliament.

The Gembo, 54, from Uesu gewog said that it is important to choose and look for capable candidates rather than a party. “If an incompetent candidate is elected, it will only benefit himself and not the voters in the constituency and the country at large.”

Ugyen, 49, from Katsho gewog said that party leaders should also be strong and candidates, especially for the constituency must be qualified and skilful.

He said that after the party is elected, the past trends show that if a candidate is not able to push for development activities, the constituency is left behind. 

“The candidate should be able to push for development activities in the constituency,” he said.

A 61-year-old resident of Haa throm, Chudu Tshering said that regardless of the party in power, the representative has to deliver their pledges to the people. 

He said that the party should also be able to revive the economy for the benefit of all citizens, not just a few individuals. 

Sonam Pelden, 39, from Haa Throm said that she is looking for a candidate, who can effectively voice issues and deliver on their pledges.

Ugyen, 50, from Bji gewog said that both the president and the candidates should be strong and capable for the general elections. that while they voted for the party in the primary round, in the general round, they are looking for capable and strong candidates to represent the people. He added that if the candidates hold ministerial portfolios, voters will choose them regardless of party affiliation.

During the campaign, the BTP president reiterated that voters should choose the best and capable candidates and not the candidates who tend to use unfair means or threaten voters.  

The president emphasised in every meeting that the people should vote for the right party, which can benefit the people and bring prosperity to the country.