Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Prices of vegetables have escalated in Trashigang.

A kg of local potato, which used to be sold at Nu 25, costs Nu 50. The price of cabbage has doubled to Nu 100 per kg. A kg of beans costs Nu 120, which is a price rise by Nu 20.

Vendors say this is due to lockdown in India.

Dawa Dema, a hotelier, said that authorities concerned should monitor the prices of the vegetables.

B.B Biswa, another hotelier, said that without local production, people were left without option. “We are left with no choice. Vendors gangup to fix the price and we have to buy.”

A civil servant said that if prices kept increasing survival would be difficult. “There is need to regulate the price of vegetables.”

He had bought a bundle of fern for Nu 50. Normally it costs Nu 20 a bundle.

To avoid further price escalation and hoarding in vegetable market, officials from dzongkhag agriculture and livestock sector, BRAFRA, municipal office and thromde are carrying out checks regularly.

Officials said that they did not have the right to fix the price for local products.

Thromde Thuemi Thinley Namgay said that vendors were told not to increases price of vegetables. “Police and Desuups are monitoring both vegetable vendors, shops and whole sellers regularly.”