Dear Sir,

I am a vegetarian and I want to build muscle. I am considering taking some mass gainer. I have been training since 2013 and I haven’t gained much muscle.

What would you recommend?


Hi Lodx,

Vegetarians can build muscle by using food alone. Consuming a supplement is not necessary. Vegetarian source of protein is not optimal for building muscle, but if consumed in the right combinations, it can help in rebuilding muscle.

Consume in each meal a grain, some dairy product if you can, some seeds, and some nuts.

An example of a good muscle building vegetarian meal would be a plate of rice with some lentil (dal) soup, a spoonful of sesame seeds, and half a handful of peanuts.

If you can afford it, you could consider consuming a high quality protein powder with some of your meals, a “whey isolate” would be best.

Three steps to build stronger and bigger muscle.

Step one: break down

Any form of intense resistance training can serve this need, but weight training is the most efficient. The more intensely you train, the more your breakdown your muscle fibres at a microscopic level.

Step two: feed your body 

Muscle can be repaired and rebuilt only by sufficient consumption of protein every 3-4 hours depending on the amount of muscle an individual’s carries.

Step 3: rest and grow

The final step is to rest by not training the same muscle too frequently. Sleeping 8-10 hours a day is most ideal time to recuperate, heal and grow.

Tshering Dorji
(Health & Fitness Guru. Three times Mr Bhutan) For queries email at


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