KP Sharma 

Nganglam Drungkhag Court sentenced the vice-principal of Nganglam Middle Secondary School to one month in prison for assaulting a teacher on June 5.
However, the VP, Kanjur Tshering, has the option to pay thrimthue in lieu of the prison term.
According to the judgment, the incident occurred when the teacher notified the school’s telegram group chat about the availability of a cartoon of biscuits for sale after the school rimdro.
Following the announcement, there was a physical confrontation between the vice-principal and Phuntsho Dorji, a teacher, during which Kanjur Tshering punched him, leaving a laceration on his left upper lip.
Although Nganglam Hospital reported the injury as a non-grievous injury after the medical examination, the court ordered the defendant to pay a compensation of Nu 3,750, which is equivalent to a month’s salary of the national workforce for the physical injury within 10 days from the date of the judgment.
The court dismissed the charge of the victim hitting the defendant’s teeth during the confrontation due to the lack of evidence as the hospital did not reveal any visible injuries.
The court also dismissed Phuntsho Dorji’s accusation that Kanjur Tshering had broken his laptop screen during the confrontation for lack of evidence regarding how it was broken.
During the court hearing, Kanjur Tshering argued that he would accept the accusation only if he could substantiate it with evidence. The court instructed the police to return the laptop to Phuntsho Dorji.
The court will reimburse each individual the bail amount of Nu 22, 500 that was collected earlier.
The court graded the offence as a petty misdemeanour, punishable by imprisonment ranging from one month to less than a year.
Kanjur Tshering has the right to appeal against the court’s decision to the higher court within the next 10 days.