LG: Dawathang-Dorjibi-Kachentsawa chiwog nominated their mangmi candidate yesterday.

However, the chiwog does not have nominee for the post of gup.

Two candidates contested for the mangmi post. Tshewang Dorji, 34, from Norgang village won the candidature by securing 182 votes compared to Pema Tshomo who got 35.

Tshewang Dorji, during his introduction to the public, said he understands best what the villages require as he has served as a tshogpa. “The experience I have gained as a tshogpa will help me resolve disputes,” he said.

The father of two studied until grade six. He also completed six years of zhirim studies from the Tamzhing monastic school as a monk. He also studied until the third grade in rigzhung.

If he is elected, he pledged to the public that he would serve even on holidays if needed.

His contestant, Pema Tshomo studied until grade 12. She said she had also worked with a legal firm for two years.

The dzongkhag’s chief election coordinator, Bumthang Dzongdag Phub Tshering congratulated her for participating. “We are proud that you contested for the post and this should be an example and encourage other women to contest in the elections in the future,” he said.

Out of 677 eligible voters in the chiwog, 217 took part in the zomdu.

Chokhor gewog now has two gup and three mangmi candidates. The gewog does not have any women contestants.

Of the two gup candidates, one is the former gup of Chokhor, while the other is the former Chokhor geydrung contesting from Petsheling-Tamzhing chiwog.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang