Innocuous carton of cream crackers was the culprit

KP Sharma  

An assault case involving the vice principal and a teacher has reached the drungkhag court following a heated clash over a carton of biscuits at the Nganglam Middle Secondary School in Pemagatshel. The incident, which occurred on June 5.

It all began innocently with the teacher informing the school’s group chat about the availability of discounted cream crackers for sale.   

Little did anyone anticipate the chain of events that would follow.

The case is with the Nganglam Drunkhag Court.

The vice principal, raising questions about the necessity of selling the items, suggested that they could be consumed free of charge. He advised the teacher to consult the non-academic head of the school, igniting a clash of opinions.

The teacher, a cultural in-charge and member of the cultural committee responsible for a recent school rimdro, argued that the decision had already been made by the committee. While showing a willingness to seek permission if required, he firmly defended his position.

Tempers flared and as the teacher made his way to the classroom after meeting with the mentioned individual, he unexpectedly encountered the vice principal, who forcefully directed him to his chamber. Refusing to comply, the teacher found himself trapped in a confrontation within the staffroom.

Eyewitnesses claim that the vice principal allegedly resorted to violence, throwing a punch that left the teacher with cuts on his lips. The severity of the incident prompted the victim’s wife, who also teaches at the school, to take immediate action. She alerted the police, sparking a legal investigation into the matter.

In an official complaint submitted on June 7, the victim and his wife called on relevant authorities to take swift action against the accused leader, emphasising the need to follow the country’s existing rules and procedures.

Traumatised by the incident, the teacher expressed fears of being unable to continue working in such a hostile environment, highlighting the profound impact it has had on both himself and his wife.