Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Wamrong assault case defendant, Tshering Yangki, requested Trashigang dzongkhag court to summon Namgay Zam.

The defendant, who is a drangpon’s wife, alleged Namgay Zam of writing one-sided story on social media, which caused mental stress to her and children, who are in school and working.

She submitted this during the rebuttal hearing of the Wamrong assault case held yesterday.

Tshering Yangki claimed the lower court refused to summon Namgay Zam because she is a journalist. “If she is a journalist, she has to attend the court hearings, understand the case and inform the public.”

The defendant also questioned if Namgay Zam could crowdfund.

Tshering Yangki also alleged the woman and her son involved in the case of defaming her by circulating the video clips of the incident. “One of their relatives could have circulated the video on social media,” she said. “ They have to be summoned by the court for investigation.”

She also claimed the mother and son should be charged as per section 187.3 of Civil and Criminal Procedure Code (CCPC), as the video clip was recorded by themselves.

On compensation and damages for the injuries sustained by the woman, defendant Tshering Yangki submitted she did not cause any injury using stone and stick.

“In the medical report, medical experts reflected that the injury would only cause temporary disability and damages and not total disability and that she could carry out her daily work,” she submitted.  “Base on the above statement, the court should decide whether I should compensate her or not.”

Wamrong drungkhag court imposed a compensation of Nu 225,000 on Tshering Yangki as per section 39 of the Penal Code of Bhutan.

Meanwhile, the court has not indicated to summon Namgay Zam. The evidence hearing of the case is scheduled on October 30.