Neten Dorji | Warmrong

Wamrong drungkhag court conducted the miscellaneous hearing on alleged battery case yesterday.

Police submitted charge sheet against three persons, Wamrong drangpon’s wife, the cleaner’s wife Sonam Peldon and her son. 

Prosecutor submitted that the defendant Tshering Yangki, 52, the drangpon’s wife, went to the cleaner’s house and has pulled Sonam Peldon hair. She is charged with battery and trespassing. 

“Though she didn’t admit the charges, it was clear in the short video clip of the incident,” the prosecutor submitted. “The defendant has violated the sections of 158 and section 237 of Penal Code of Bhutan.” 

Police also submitted that although Sonam Peldon, 38, didn’t accept the charge, the short video clip also shows her assaulting Tshering Yangki during the incident that took place on April 26 evening around 6:30pm.  

Prosecutor also alleged that the Sonam Peldon’s son used foul words to Tshering Yangki. He denied the charge. “According to the statement from two witnesses, the defendant has used slang words,” the prosecutor submitted. 

“He attempted to go towards the drangpon’s wife asking what is the problem and used slangs. He violated section 156 of the Penal Code,” it states.   

Sonam Peldon and her 18-year-old son are charged for assault. 

The court ordered the prosecutor to resubmit the charge sheet with proper grading of the offences. 

To avoid conflict of interest, the Supreme Court instructed Nganglam Drangpon to preside over the case. Thrimshing police are prosecuting it. 

If the charges against the persons amount to a petty misdemeanour, police would prosecute the case. Otherwise, the Office of the Attorney General would prosecute the case. 

The miscellaneous hearing will continue today.