… officials said could not open it despite approvals

Neten Dorji

Wamrong— Residents of Wamrong and Thrimshing drungkhags say that the absence of a Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority (BCTA) Office poses challenges for residents seeking its services.

For services like driving license renewal, replacement, learner license issuance, payment for traffic offences, and roadworthiness certificates, residents travel all the way to Trashigang or Pemagatshel dzongkhag BCTA offices.

In the absence of such an office in Wamrong, motorists travel 35kms to Pemagatshel or 82kms to Trashigang to avail of the services.

The benefits of a BCTA office in the area will be significant, residents said, given that the two drungkhags have four gewogs, a growing population in their towns and an increasing number of vehicles. The office could serve not only the residents of the two dungkhags but also travellers passing through, including those from Nanong.

A resident, Sonam Thinley, said, “Without a BCTA office, travelling such distances was extra cost and waste of time.”

He said that with more farm road connections and an increasing number of vehicles, the need for a local BCTA office has become more urgent.

Calls for the establishment of a BCTA office in Wamrong have been made to the dzongkhag and the government, but as of now, residents said that they have heard nothing yet.

The issue has been raised in previous Dzongkhag Tshogdu sessions.

BCTA officials said that while human resources and the establishment of the office have been approved in the 12 five-year plan, various reasons have hindered its establishment.

“However, we provide services such as renewal and replacement of driving licenses, issuance of learner licenses, payment for traffic offences, and roadworthiness certificates on a quarterly basis,” a BCTA official said.