Thinley Namgay

Wangchuck Gyalo emerged victorious in the 2024 Mewang Gyalsey Traditional Archery Tournament held at the Changlimithang Stadium in Thimphu yesterday, showcasing their prowess in archery.

Their triumph, however, was not without a twist as they faced a five-point deduction at a crucial juncture.

During the heated match against Rinyang Export, Wangchuck Gyalo sealed the third set with an impressive score of 22 points and two extra kareys.

Yet, their celebration took an unexpected turn when they incurred a penalty.

It was reported that they sang two stanzas of a song “Phula Yegi Gangri Karpo,” contrary to tournament regulations.



According to the Bhutan Indigenous Games and Sports Association (BIGSA), teams are not permitted to sing until one stanza after hitting the target due to time constraints.

Wangchuck Gyalo’s breach led to a deduction of five points, a setback they gracefully accepted.

Despite this setback, Wangchuck Gyalo maintained their lead, with the opponent unable to overtake them even after the penalty.

Captain Dorji Tshering clarified that while his team did the sing, it was within the boundaries of one stanza, disputing the claims of a two-stanza performance.

Following the point deduction, Wangchuck Gyalo’s score condensed to 21, but they continued to dominate the game. Their precision in the subsequent rounds secured their victory, with the opponent unable to match their performance.

The tournament, which featured 23 teams from across the nation, captivated audiences with its thrilling matches. Spectators flocked to the venue daily, adding to the excitement of the event.

Using a direct knockout format, each match intensified for victory in sets of 25 points each.

The tournament’s significance was amplified by its timing, coinciding with the birth anniversary of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck.

As the matches unfolded, it became evident that Team Wangchuck Gyalo’s confidence and skill propelled them to a well-deserved triumph.

In recognition of their achievement, the winning players were honored with 11-inch Amitayus statues, while the runners-up received 11-inch Manjushiri statues, adding a touch of tradition and prestige to the event.